Swedish Int Development Agency (SIDA)

The Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA) is the Swedish Government's organization for international development. It works to reduce poverty worldwide by reducing the rich-poor divide, increase production of goods and services, assist countries in making policies and ensure participatory development and promote democracy, gender equality, sustainable use of natural resources and environment conservation.

There are four core thematic areas on which SIDA focuses its work:

1. Economy

2. Infrastructure

3. Humanitarian assistance

4. Water

5. Urban development

SIDA has several approaches to implement its objectives and collaborates with different partners around the world. SIDA is committed to work with NGOs around the world and allots most of its funding for them to work on its issues of priority. It also provides grants and credit aid to governments of developing countries. Along with that, it also organizes training programmes and exchanges for partners organizations in developing countries.

The contact information of SIDA's headquarters are:


105 25 Stockholm


Telephone: (+46) 8 698 50 00

Fax: (+46) 8 20 88 64




The NGOs / NPOs Consultants



Geo. Coverage: Asia, Africa and Europe

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