Paul Hamlyn Foundation Grant


India is the only place outside the UK that the Paul Hamlyn Foundation works in. The Foundation gives grants of about 40 million rupees a year to local NGOs for health, education, disability, shelter and other social development activities.  It supports about 20 organisations across the country.


Paul Hamlyn Foundation Grant aim to increase the access of disadvantaged communities, especially youth, to health, education, aid with disability, shelter and other social development activities.


·        Addresses a specific problem within a specific time frame

·        Addresses gaps in larger initiatives

·        Is innovative, challenging and interesting

·        Is specific, and yet cuts across sectors and addresses larger issues

·        Is a model intervention that can be replicated by others

·        Scales up a model that is seen to work


Who can apply


Organisations supported within the India programme have to be local Indian NGOs with Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA) registration.


Paul Hamlyn Foundation work with organisations that have self-imposed and self-implemented policies on honesty and transparency in their finances and operations that are of the highest standard. The Foundation support work across India, but we particularly wish to support rural development activities in western (the states of Rajasthan, Gujarat, Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh) and eastern (the states of Bihar, Jharkhand, Orissa and Chhattisgarh) India; and urban development activities in non-metro towns and cities.



·        Individuals or proposals for the benefit of one individual

·        Retrospective funding for work that has already started

·        General circulars/appeals

·        Proposals that solely concentrate on the purchasing of property, equipment or other capital items

·        Overseas activities, including travel, expeditions, adventure and residential courses


Paul Hamlyn Foundation make grants that help fund specific activities. The costs of these may include running costs such as staff salaries and overheads such as stationary, rent, rates, utilities.  It may also contribute towards the core costs of your organisation,


Size of grant


There is no minimum or maximum grant size. The amount you request should be the amount you need.  


Length of grant


The length of grant depends on the proposed activity. Proposals to develop a charitable organisation or an innovative programme which meets Paul Hamlyn Foundation aims may be funded for a maximum of six years. In these circumstances, Paul Hamlyn Foundation may make a grant of up to three years and then review the funded work before making a second grant, usually for work that develops and increases the scope of the activity.   


Key dates -

Applications can be made at any time.


The NGO Funding Consultant




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