The Grant for Democracy & Human Rights Projects in Overseas 2011

Grant for Democracy & Human Rights

Projects in Overseas - 2011


The May 18 Memorial Foundation in South Korea is offering funding support to NGOs around the world for promoting democracy and human rights and building international solidarity under its "Grant for Democracy and Human Rights Projects in Overseas (GDHRPO) – 2011.


The grant will only be awarded to non-government organizations (NGOs) based in civil communities which have been working in this field for more than 3 years.


The foundation has been granted total 24 organizations from 15 countries from 2005 to 2010. Last year the Foundation provided funds to 6 grantee organizations in 5 Asian countries: Indonesia, Laos, Maldives, Pakistan and Palestine. Activities were made possibly by the 2010 Grant Projects included training workshops, regional seminars, national-level networking events, grassroots mobilization, rallies and much more. Issues covered include: peace and conflict resolution, human rights monitoring and education and anti-nuclear campaign awareness.


The Grant consists of 2 main categories: Project support and Organization support. The Foundation will support 8 projects from 8 organizations and 3 organizations in the field of network, grassroots, and research.


Grantee organizations will receive the opportunity to participate in a variety of the May 18 Memorial Foundation's international solidarity programs such as Gwangju Asian Forum, Gwangju Human Rights Folk School, and International Internship Program.




Grant amount(Krw)


Project support

1 year term

Civil movement

3,000,000 won

2 projects

Democracy education

3,000,000 won

2 projects

2 years term

Human Rights advocacy

3,000,000 won per year

2 projects

Working conflict zone

3,000,000 won per year

2 projects

Organizations support

2 years term

Network organization

300,000 won per month

1 organization

Grass roots organization

300,000 won per month

1 organization

Research institute

300,000 won per month

1 organization

  •     3,000,000won: approximately 2,400 USD
  •         300,000won: approximately 240 USD
  •         2 year grant will be awarded quarterly (in March, June, September, December).



·        Civil movements (general): projects promoting civil movements in community.

·        Democracy Education: projects organizing education about democracy and human rights.

·        Human Rights Advocacy: projects focusing on the promotion and protection of human rights

·        Working in Conflict Zones: Peace-keeping projects which are based or actively involved in areas of conflict.

·        Network Organizations: Connecting NGO's and movements across different countries.

·        Grass Roots Organization: community and local-level organization.

·        Research Institute: Research project regarding human rights and democracy.



·        Any NGO which have been working for more than 3 years are eligible to apply for the Grant.

·        NGOs whose country belongs to OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development) will not be selected otherwise the field of the organization's work is based in developing country.


General Conditions

·        Organizations can apply for both Project support and Organization support but cannot apply for all categories under both supports.

·        An organization may be selected even if their budget is different to the grant amount. In this case, they must change their budget.

·        The grant amount is set by the Foundation and cannot be changed; organizations cannot ask for any amount they would like to seek.


Selection Procedure

The May 18 Memorial Foundation will choose the organization based on a point score.


Advantage point will be added in the grantee-selection process to those who meet the conditions below:


1.     • An organization which discloses the financial status relevant to its activities to the web site or other means of platform.

2.     • An organization which has advisors who are involved in its activities

3.     • An organization which evaluate its activities and reveals the outcome of evaluation to the public.

4.     • An organization which runs annual audit or carries out regular inspection of its financial accounts.

5.     • An organization which has a set of board of directors or planning committee members.

6.     • An organization which submits the application with the legal/audit professional's agreement proving their financial inspections.


After the announcement, the May 18 Memorial Foundation will make a MOU with the grantee organizations with their updated project plan.


Application Deadline

13 February 2011

Culture and Solidarity Team

The May 18 Memorial Foundation

Postcode 520-260 Sangchon- dong 1268 5.18

Memorial Culture Centre Seo-gu Gwangju, Republic of Korea

Phone: +82 62 457 0518

Fax: +82 62 456 0519


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