THE CLUB 300 FOUNDATION FOR BIRD PROTECTION has been involved in bird protection related projects all around the world since 1990.


The majority of contributions to foundation come directly from Swedish birdwatchers, using their birdline, with up-to-date information about rare birds in Sweden. The foundation is also distributing funds collected at actions for bird protection, or donated by persons or associations.


Size of Fund -

The amount available for distribution each year is normally about $40-50.000.


How to apply - General guidelines:

1.     Only applications concerning bird protection will be considered.

2.     The foundation is open to everyone.

3.     Maximum amount granted is $5000.

4.     Applications are accepted on a yearly basis. Applicants who desire founding for more than a one-year period are invited to submit applications for each year separately.

5.     Club 300 will monitor the progress in all projects that are granted financial support.

6.     No special application form is available, simply present the information requested in a professional manner.

7.     The application should contain no more than 6 single/3 double pages, all included, i.e. application, CV, maps, etc.

8.     Submit the application in four paper copies (original + three copies).

9.     Accepted language is English.

10.All currencies should be in Swedish kronor, US$ or Euros.

11.The deadline to apply is the 1st of January and the 1st of July each year. Please note that the application must be available, in four paper copies, to the chairman on the deadline, post office log is of no importance.

12.The application must include:

13.Name and address of the applicant (if available, please include email address)

14.A detailed description of the project

15.Geographic position of the project site, please include map if needed.

16.Budget and an estimate of costs, which should include a detailed breakdown of expenses.

17.The amount requested from Club 300.

18.A list of other consulted donors, or sources of financial support.

19.A specification of what the requested money is supposed to be used for.

20.Long term plan for the project, planned follow-up etc.

21.A note on how Club 300 will be acknowledged if the board decides to support the project.



·        Do not send registered mail; simply send your application with ordinary mail to the address below (include email address). If time is a limiting factor please use express mail such as TNT. Please note that the application must be available, to the chairman, in four paper copies, on the deadline.

·        Applications submitted by email are NOT accepted.

·        The committee will review applications at the following meeting and return with a verdict as soon as possible. This usually means March and September for the first and second period, respectively.


If you have any further questions concerning The Club 300 Foundation for Bird Protection, please contact us.


The Club 300 Foundation for Bird Protection
Hjortgatan 16 A
SE-223 50
Lund, Sweden
Phone: +46 706 544 677

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