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Registration in skf NGO directory


skf NGO directory maintains an internal database  of NGOs for 129 countries  worldwide (see the sidebar to check skf website exclusively for your country's NGO), that is used by skf funding consultants, skf partner organizations and funding agencies, corporate donors,  grant making organizations and government's grant making departments.


Getting registered in skf NGO directory makes every NGO entitled for any FREE services or subscriptions provided by skf and its associated organizations. Also, it enhances the chance of being invited by donor agencies / organizations for their projects / program.


To register in skf NGO directory, every NGO need to apply with following required documents -


(1) Word copy of the complete profile of NGO including details of income tax registration (s) in their home country.


(2) Word Copy of brief details of all paid staffs whether full-time or part-time (Provided details should be checkable whenever needed).


(3) PDF format of electronic copy of Auditing reports of last two financial years. (Note: scanned copy of Auditing reports from paper copy can only be acceptable if it is clearly readable).


(4) PDF or Word copy of Annual reports of last two financial years (Provided contents should be checkable whenever needed).


(5) Please, complete the following form -


 I.      Name & Brief Details of Board / NGO Management Members unless it is mentioned in NGO annual report. -


II.      NGO - Full Name and Postal Address including post code.  -


III.      Up to 4-Names in Top Management and CEO or Secretary. -


IV.      Official Email Address (s) & Website. -


V.      Official Mobile Number (s) and main landline no. -


VI.      Total foreign funds RECEIVED (in local currency) as per year for last 2 years. -


VII.      Balance Sheet Figure (in local currency) as per year (for last two years). -


VIII.      Income Tax Registration No. in home country.  -


IX.      Foreign Contribution Registration No. and Year of Registration (if it is required in home country).  -


X.      No. of full-time paid Staffs and Employer Tax Registration No (TAN No. for Indian NGO). -


Where to apply -


Email above form along with documents in attachment to:   


How long does it take to register -?

It may take One to Two weeks to complete the registration process. If you do not hear from us after two weeks from the date of application then you may contact us.



1: On each email to: you will get an auto-confirmation of your application.


2: If your NGO's does not have all required things asked in application then, you can still apply for it but, it will be categorised in newborn-NGO in skf NGO directory though, the proper existence of NGO for last two years and from the date of income tax registration is compulsory.


3: skf NGO directory is free. You do not have to pay any fee to update your NGO details or new registration in skf NGO directory.


4. Hard copy or paper documents are not acceptable.


5. skf NGO directory is not accessible to public as mentioned earlier, this is for internal use only.


skf NGO directory

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