skf Proposal Repository

 skf Proposal Repository

skf Proposal Repository is set-up by Sudesh Kumar Foundation (skf) to make easier of the entire  grant making process in developing world. It serves the need of Funding Agencies; International Organizations / Multilateral Fund Dept.; MNC's corporate social responsibility program group; Foundation / Trust; and Individual grants makers worldwide;




>> How to submit a proposal to 'skf proposal repository'?

To submit proposal (s) in 'skf proposal repository', a NGO need to first get registered with 'skf NGO directory', that maintains the maximum possible details and most updated information about NGOs in 129 developing countries worldwide (for list of countries, please see the sidebar). 


NGOs can directly submit proposal along with a unique ref. no. provided by skf NGO directory by email to:


>> How to register in skf NGO directory?

To know about it, please, click on FREE Registration tab on top menu of this page.


>> How many proposals one NGO can submit into 'skf proposal repository'?

There are no restrictions on the numbers of proposals as long as submitted proposals have an original idea to serve the burning issues in a particular area.


>> What is the deadline to submit proposals?

There is no deadline to submit proposals; it can be submitted in any point of time.


>> Who can access the 'skf proposal repository'?

Funding Agencies under Government of any countries, International Organizations; Multilateral Funding Agencies; MNC's corporate social responsibility (CSR) program group; Foundation / Trust; Individual grants makers worldwide; who have minimum grant budget as following -

1.     Individual Donor (s) ~ $100,000+ Per Year

2.     CSR Grant Maker (s) ~ $200,000+ / FY

3.     Charity / Foundation / Trust ~ $200,000+ / FY

4.     Gov Funding Agencies ~ $200,000+ / FY


>> How to access the 'skf proposal repository'?

Simply, make a request to access it by writing an email to: along with any checkable details of your organization or company.


>> What does it cost to access the 'skf proposal repository'?

It is free to access at any point of time.



skf Proposal Repository



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