Wildlife Conservation & Animal Welfare Partnership 2012

Wildlife Conservation & Animal Welfare

Partnership Program 2012

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Wildlife Conservation Network (WCN) is dedicated to protecting endangered species and preserving their natural habitats.  It supports innovative strategies for people and wildlife to co-exist and thrive. WCN fosters the entrepreneurial spirit in the field of conservation. It partners with independent, community-based conservationists around the world with emphasis on Latin America, Africa, and Asia and provides them with the capital and tools they need to develop solutions for human-wildlife coexistence. To magnify the effectiveness of their work, WCN maintains a strong network of wildlife supporters through which these courageous conservationists may learn from each other and communicate directly with passionate donors.


WCN invites letters of inquiry from registered nonprofit organizations / NGOs engaged in wildlife conservation or animal welfare to apply for partnerships. Letters of inquiry are accepted through 15 January 2012

WCN Associate status is available to any organization that is:

=> A registered non-profit org / NGO
=> A wildlife conservation or animal welfare group

What WCN supplies to Associates:

  • => Free table/space at the annual Wildlife Conservation Expo
  • => Link from WCN's website
  • => Access to the Wildlife Conservation Network

What Associates supply to WCN:

  • => One-time use of mailing list for Expo invitation
  • => Proof of non-profit status
  • => Link to WCN's website
  • => Promotion of the Expo in Associate's newsletter or other mailing

For the Wildlife Conservation Expo, please complete the following form:

WCN Exhibitor Form (PDF format)
WCN Exhibitor Form (RTF format)

WCN Partners and Application Process

What WCN supplies to Partners:

  1. => Featured presenter at Expo
  2. => Private fundraising event with WCN donors
  3. => Media promotion
  4. => Minimum fundraising guarantee of $20,000 per year
  5. => Fundraising and donor development coaching
  6. => Tech and computer support

What Partners supply to WCN:

  1. => Business plan
  2. => Copy of annual report
  3. => Photos and promotional materials for marketing
  4. => Availability for media events and opportunities
  5. => Link to WCN's website

Apply for support:


Review the following Partner criteria:

  1. => Working in developing countries
  2. => Focus on a threatened or endangered species (currently we are limited to terrestrial mammals)
  3. => Focus on a single species as a flagship, rather than multiple species
  4. => Programs should make a unique contribution to conservation efforts and be highly collaborative with other programs
  5. => Focus on conservation rather than research
  6. => Works with animals in-situ, not in a sanctuary or other captive facility
  7. Significant community integration/involvement
  8. => A demonstrated commitment to hiring, developing, and empowering local staff
  9. => Program has recently progressed beyond start-up phase
  10. => Field-based with the principle conservationist living 80% of the time in the range states
  11. => At least 80% of the program budget is spent in the range states
  12. => Annual budget typically less than $250,000
  13. => Project operates independently of large organizations
  14. => Not-for-profit organization / NGO
  15. => Operates with all required government and legal requirements

If your project meets all of the above criteria, proceed to Step 2.

Complete the WCN Letter of Inquiry:

 WCN Letter of Inquiry (PDF Format)
WCN Letter of Inquiry (RTF Format)

Letters of Inquiry are to be three pages maximum plus the conservationist's CV/Resume.

Submit the following items: 
1. Cover letter
2. Letter of Inquiry
3. CV / resume
by email to:  application@wildnet dot org
A small number of those submitting Letters of Inquiry will later be asked to submit a full application.

January 15, 2012

January 15, 2012

Submit Cover letter, Letter of Inquiry (LOI) and CV / resume

February 15, 2012

Selected conservationists invited to apply

March 15, 2012

Final applications due

April 30, 2012

Potential Partner(s) invited to attend Expo and give presentation as a guest speaker

October 2012

Invitees attend Expo along with current Partners

November 2012

New Partner(s) announced

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Important Note –

Please, do not send unsolicited emails or mail seeking funding support to donor agencies. This will discredit your NGO and can also bring bad reputation to you as an individual as well as a NGO.

Fund raising is a competitive process and you need to follow ethics and not spam donor emails with long, unrelated requests for fund / grant support. If you just keep sending emails seeking support without knowing your donor, your chances of raising funds for your NGO will be drastically reduced and you may be blacklisted as a spammer.

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