FCO - Prosperity Fund India Programs

Prosperity Fund India Programs

The FCO's Prosperity fund will focus on promoting sustainable global growth and, in particular, will be consistent with the UK's development objectives of promoting sustainable development and improving welfare. The British High Commission (BHC), New Delhi, is inviting project proposals for funding under the Prosperity Fund India Programme.

Deadline: Last date for concept bid submission is Tuesday, 6 March 2012.

How to apply for funding ?

1. Eligibility: India based Civil Society Organisations, International NGOs, Private Limited Companies, Consulting firms, Research Organisations, Think Tanks and Universities are eligible to apply for bids.

2. Bidding process: Organisations should submit concept bid/s focussed on areas specified under the Prosperity Programme. Bidding process is run in two stages: concept and full bid. Only bids approved through the concept stage will be considered for full bids.

Concept bids will be evaluated against their strategic fit to the Prosperity fund India programme strategy and the project design. Potential bidders are advised to study the programme strategy and consult relevant Programme Managers in the BHC to check strategic relevance of their project purpose before submitting the concept bids. 

To improve chances of your concept bid being accepted for full bid, please ensure that your concept bid outlines impacts, what changes the project will foster; demonstrate that governments (central or local) have been consulted and are supportive else, the bid should explain how the project has sufficient buy in from the necessary stakeholders to deliver the expected outcomes. 

Demonstrate that local partnerships are already established

Describe local context so that it is easy to understand the significance of the project in contributing towards a specific programme indicator mentioned in the programme strategy

Demonstrate that the project would have sustainable outcomes

Prosperity fund bidding process is highly competitive, it is therefore necessary to make sure your project bid:

  • is submitted in the required template
  • is filled up as per the guidance
  • is clear, logical and comprehensive.
  • Please use the below bid form and supporting guidance. 

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Ongoing projects -

Prosperity Fund India Programs - Climate Change and Energy

Title: Low carbon public transport mobility solutions for rapidly growing Indian cities

Project Purpose: "Adoption of guidelines to enable the implementation of successful low carbon mobility bus systems into National Urban Transport Policy frame work"

Implementing Organisation: EMBARQ, WRI

Duration: June 2009- March 2012

Title: Making climate change part of doing business in India

Project Purpose: "Increasing the number of investors and other companies undertaking voluntary disclosure of GHG emission and emission reduction actions"

Implementing Organisation: CII, WWF and CDP

Duration: June 2009- March 2012 

Title: Integrating urban climate guidelines through clean technologies (RE&EE) at the state and city level to build sustainable low carbon cities

Project Purpose: "Promote two Indian states to notify guidelines on urban low carbon actions and to leverage national/international finance for urban low carbon actions and adopt city level MRV system"

Implementing Organisation: ICLEI South Asia

Duration: July 2011- March 2013

Title: Preparation of design and Road map for State Clean Energy Funds for "end-use" energy efficiency and renewable energy projects

Project Purpose: "Support two States in India to design the regulatory mechanisms for State Clean Energy Funds, and by December 2012 in one State the regulators and energy agencies develop a road map for establishing and institutionalizing a Clean Energy Fund to accelerate investments in clean energy projects"

Implementing Organization: International Institute for Energy Conservation

Duration: August 2011- January 2013

Title: Use of Spatial Planning Tools to Promote Low Carbon City development in India

Project Purpose: "Reducing the carbon intensity of urbanisation in India through integration of master planning carbon tools in the spatial planning system of India over two years"

Implementing Organization: WS Atkins International Ltd and All India Institute of Local Self Government (AIILSG)

Duration: August 2011- January 2013

Title: Incentivise Improved Energy Efficiency Through the Use of Advanced Metering Technologies and Associated Management Tools for Large Industry and SMEs

Project Purpose: "Sharing lessons from UK/ International EE policy experience and incentivise improved large industry and SME energy efficiency through the use of advanced metering technologies and associated management tools"

Implementing Organization: SKM Enviros, UK

Duration: July 2011- June 2012

Title: Carbon Disclosure: From Accounting to Action

Project Purpose: "From disclosure to action: increasing business actions through voluntary frameworks in order to contribute to the Government of India's target of a 20-25% improvement in carbon intensity of GDP by 2020."

Implementing Organization: CDP, CII

Duration: July 2011-July 2013

Title: Complementary Financing for Off-Grid Renewables

Project Purpose: "Establish a funding mechanism to promote Pro Poor Off Grid Renewables initiatives by encouraging public-private participation"

Implementing Organization: PwC, NERA Economic Consulting

Duration: July 2011- December 2011

Title: Identify Specific Policy Options with the aim to Reduce Carbon Intensity in India

Project Purpose: "Support to India's Expert Committee on Low Carbon and Inclusive Growth for their final report. The Expert Group welcoming a UK International Climate Finance proposal developed by this project to Share UK/international experiences in four key areas (transport, renewable energy, buildings energy efficiency and low carbon institutions) with the committee"

Implementing Organization: AEA Technology, UK

Duration: July 2011- June 2012

Title: Accelerate adoption of energy efficient appliances through consumer rebate scheme in a distribution utility

Project Purpose: "Design a mechanism to scale up adoption of energy efficient appliances (specifically fridges and air conditioners), including with a demonstrated replacement of 15,000 old inefficient appliances with new energy efficient ones"

Implementing Organization: ICF Consulting India Private Limited

Duration: July 2011-September 2012

Title: Monitoring, Reporting and Verification (MRV) framework for Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions (NAMAs)

Project Purpose: "In collaboration and consultation with the GoI, prepare & submit of a comprehensive and appropriate MRV framework for NAMAs (with special focus on the NAPCC)"

Implementing Organization: KPMG, India

Duration: July 2011- December 2012

Title: Develop and Launch Carbon Indexing of Indian listed companies.

Project Purpose: "Creation of a unique and impactful carbon index by December 2012 based on Indian listed companies' performance on managing climate change related risks in order to encourage businesses transition to the low-carbon economy"

Implementing Organization: BSE Ltd.

Duration: July 2011- December 2012

Title: Fiscal Instruments for Climate Friendly Industrial Development in West Bengal and Orissa.

Project Purpose: "Promote adoption of appropriate fiscal instruments by Indian States (West Bengal, Orissa and Tamil Nadu) to mobilise low carbon investment and facilitate low carbon industrial development"

Implementing Organization: Confederation of Indian Industries

Duration: July 2011- September 2012

Title: Supporting economic and socially efficient usage of fossil fuel resources in India

Project Purpose: "Support Government of India in measures to promote economically and socially efficient usage of petroleum products"

Implementing Organization: International Institute for Sustainable Development

Duration: July 2011- November 2012

Title: Supporting GLOBE India for international campaign on climate, energy and sustainability legislation

Project Purpose: "Supporting capacity building in a wider group of legislators to a strengthen legislation on climate change, energy and the sustainable use of resources"

Implementing Organization: Global Legislators Organisation

Duration: July 2011 - May 2013

Title: Promoting adoption of Renewable Energy and Mitigating Climate Change

Project Purpose: "Promote adoption of a national policy to increase the share of renewable energy in total electricity generation to a minimum of 15 per cent by 2032"

Implementing Organization: The Climate Parliament

Duration: June 2010 - March 2012

Title: Low carbon energy efficient LED technology in street lighting.

Project Purpose: "Support Indian States to formulate policies for adoption of low carbon energy efficient LED technology in street lighting"

Implementing Organization: The Climate Group

Duration: Nov 2011 – March 2013

Title: Greening phone towers, powering communities

Project Purpose: "Drive greater adoption of green technologies to power mobile towers by providing a clear business case on the economics and social benefits of using renewables over diesel fuel"

Implementing Organization: Dalberg Global Development Advisors and Next Gen PMS

Duration: Nov 2011 – May 2012

Title: Support to creation of a model national institutional framework in the form of National Bureau of Water Efficiency

Project Purpose: "In response to NAPCC highlighted priority, identify Water Use Efficiency (WUE) normative standards, and develop model national institutional framework to regulate, monitor and enforce these norms in industry/commercial and domestic sector to optimise water and energy use resulting in both enhanced water and energy efficiency"

Implementing Organization: Indian Environmental Law Offices

Duration: Nov 2011 – March 2013

Title: Market Transformation for increased private sector investment in development of Biomass Energy System and Rural Economy

Project Purpose: "Review and redeployment of policies for accelerated development of decentralised biomass energy systems"

Implementing Organization: Dalkia Energy Services Limited

Duration: Nov 2011 – April 2013

Title: Support to the India Solar Capital Market Climate Initiative (CMCI)

Project Purpose: "Design a financial / regulatory incentive mechanism to improve financial viability and investor confidence for Phase II of the Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission (JNNSM) using past experience from Phase I with the aim of supporting the Capital Market Climate Initiative (CMCI)"

Implementing Organization: PwC – NERA Economic Consulting

Duration: December 2011 – July 2012

Title: Support to the Reserve Bank of India's initiative on Non Financial Reporting (NFR)

Project Purpose: "To support RBI through improving understanding of preparedness of Banks and Exchanges in India to Report on Non-Financial aspects, constraints/issues they face and support they require on the same from the government"

Implementing Organization: NextGen PMS Pvt Ltd

Duration: August 2011 – December 2011

Title: Climate Leadership Roundtable with Indian business leaders in Mumbai

Project Purpose: "To increase the understanding of business leaders from key Indian companies, of the value of taking leadership on the climate change agenda; and to galvanise and build momentum within the Indian business (and government) community for progressive and robust international and national action."

Implementing Organization: British Deputy High Commission, Mumbai

Duration: August 2011

Title: International Climate Finance

Project Purpose: "To investigate the options for ensuring a coherent and efficient international climate financing architecture both at the international level as well as within India backed up by well targeted research on critical technical matters relating to the economic instruments and governance processes."

Implementing Organization: IIM Bangalore

Duration: August 2011 – December 2011

Title: Towards the development of Low Carbon Industrial Townships in West Bengal

Project Purpose: "Supporting the Government of West Bengal in establishing Low Carbon Industrial forum and adopting Single Regional Strategy to facilitate low carbon development of industrial townships in industrial cities of West Bengal"

Implementing Organization: CII

Duration: November 2011 – January 2012

Title: UK-India collaboration on Energy Efficiency

Project Purpose: "Outcomes from workshops under UK India Collaboration on Energy Efficiency are greatly enhanced with around 400 Indian companies exposed to UK's strengths and comparative advantage in helping them to meet energy efficiency targets under PAT scheme and a greater number of UK companies achieve a clear understanding of the business opportunities in India in this sector"

Implementing Organization: Camco Advisory Services UK Limited

Duration: October 2011 – November 2011

Prosperity Fund India Programs - Economic Reforms

Title: GoI PPP Governance Support

Project Purpose: Government of India develops transparent and predictable management processes for its delivery of PPP projects by 2011.

Implementing Organisation: Infrastructure UK

Duration: June 2009 – March 2012

Title: Integrating Pollution-abating Economic Instruments in Goods and Service Tax (GST) Regime

Project Purpose: By April 2012 Government of India integrates eco-taxes in GST framework and adopts eco-subsidies.

Implementing Organisation: Madras School of Economics (MSE)

Duration: May 2009 – February 2012

Title: Financial Sector Regulatory Reform

Project Purpose: Exchange traded regulatory framework in India moves from a dominantly rules-based approach towards a principles-based approach by 2013.

Implementing Organisation: Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research

Duration: June 2009- March 2013

Title: Government Procurement – An emerging tool of global integration and good governance in India

Project Purpose: By 2013, Government of India adopts necessary legislative changes towards a more transparent and open government procurement system supporting its possible accession to the WTO Plurilateral Agreement on Government Procurement.

Implementing Organization: Consumer Unity & Trust Society

Duration: July 2011- December 2012

Title: Aligning Government policies for efficient trade: Establishing a robust trade facilitation mechanism in India

Project Purpose: Government of India initiates/implements policies towards streamlining trade facilitation mechanisms for easing the process of doing business

Implementing Organization: FICCI

Duration: August 2011- August 2013

Title: Reducing the risk of corruption in business

Project Purpose: By 2013, increase the number of international and Indian companies adopting a zero tolerance approach to corruption and engaged in collective action against corruption

Implementing Organization: International Business Leaders Forum

Duration: July 2011- March 2013

Title: Demonstrating the benefits of a needs-based approach to policy framing for financial inclusion in India

Project Purpose: By 2013, key constituencies (policy makers in Government, regulatory authorities and bureaucrats) recognise that a market-driven, needs-based approach to urban financial inclusion is highly effective when compared with mandate-driven programmes

Implementing Organization: Monitor Inclusive Markets

Duration: July 2011- March 2013

Title: Policy analysis in the process of deepening capital account openness

Project Purpose: To further the process of India's capital account liberalisation over the coming five years

Implementing Organization: National Institute for Public Finance and Policy   

Duration: July 2011 – March 2014

Title: Strategies for implementation of Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) in India

Project Purpose: Government of India accepts National level compliance standards (by 2013) for implementing PPPs firstly in water and sanitation and then in other sectors.

Implementing Organization: Athena Infonomics India Pvt Ltd

Duration: July 2011- March 2013

Title: Management of Intellectual Property in Cross-Border Collaboration

Project Purpose: Government of India adopts a policy framework to support the management of intellectual property in academic and industry cross-border research and development resulting in increased levels of UK-India research collaborations to support innovation by 2014.

Implementing Organization: Intellectual Property Office

Duration: July 2011- March 2013

Title: Trade analysis and regional integration

Project Purpose: By 2013, India to have a cost-effective new instrument for analysing trade policy, in particular India's FTA strategy so as to facilitate evidence-based debate.

Implementing Organization: InterAnalysis Ltd

Duration: November 2011 - October 2013

Title: Stimulate an enabling policy environment for first generation entrepreneurship promotion in India

Project Purpose: By 2013, identify and advocate for conducive a policy framework for funding and supporting first generation enterprises.

Implementing Organization: Intellectual Capital Advisory Services (Intellecap)

Duration: November 2011 - May 2013

Title: Post-TRIPS IPR Regime in India – Opportunities and Challenges

Project Purpose: By 2015, India adopts policies and measures for improved implementation of IPR to ensure balanced outcomes for different stakeholders

Implementing Organization: TERI

Duration: November 2011 - March 2013

Title: Strengthening regulatory frameworks and enhancing capacity in  India's legal and accountancy services sectors: A roadmap for reforms

Project Purpose: Strengthen regulatory frameworks to prepare India's legal and accountancy services sectors for future opening up.

Implementing Organization: IIM Bangalore

Duration: November 2011 - January 2013

Title: Advancements in Tax Administration: Lessons and Experiences of U.K., Brazil and India

Project Purpose: By 2013, India will have better capacity on formulation of the tax administration policy. The project will work around enabling transfer of knowledge - modern practices in tax administration, carrying out analysis, and creating awareness of modern practices in Indian tax administration.

Implementing Organization: Indian Council for Research on International Economic Relations (ICRIER)

Duration: November 2011 - October 2013

Title: Policy Action Plan for Improving the Investment Climate for Manufacturing Sector in India

Project Purpose: Implementation of the necessary structural reforms leading to improvement in the overall investment climate in the manufacturing sector in India by end 2013.

Implementing Organization: Confederation of Indian Industries (CII)

Duration: December 2011 - December 2013

Title: MSMEs' IPR Exchange

Project Purpose: By 2014 create an online market based mechanism facilitating commercial "Exchange of SMEs' IPs

Implementing Organization: Federation of Indian Micro and Small & Medium Enterprises (FISME)

Duration: November 2011 - December 2014

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